Helpful information for Co-chairs

Thank you again for your contribution to the ISRSE-37 Symposium programme.

Read through the below information carefully and if you are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to contact the ISRSE-37 Programme Secretariat on

Get familiar with the programme, and in particular the session in which you will be co-chairing. Please note that the online version of the programme (as well as the mobile App) will be more up to date than the handbook you receive upon registration.
View the online programme here

Please be present in the session room at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled session start. We have also asked all presenters to be there at that time. Your Co-chair will also be present. Familiarise yourself with the room and the technical assistance. There will be one AV Technician and a Room Supervisor in each session room. Clarify with your Co-chair about sharing the duties amongst yourselves. Identify the presenters and check who is a student (MSC/PhD) for the nomination of best student presentation.

On the top table you will find the following:

  1. Timing cards which you can use to assist with timekeeping.
  2. A sheet where you are asked to propose candidates for best presentation and best student presentation of your session.
  3. A copy of the programme (this will be more up to date than the handbook).

Check with the AV Technician or the Room Supervisor whether all speakers uploaded their presentations on the computer in the session room. (Please note: there is no Speaker Prep Room, all presentations are to be loaded at the AV Desk at the back of each session venue).

When the audience is entering the room, ask speakers to introduce themselves to you. Please check whether these are the scheduled speakers (as it appears on the programme) or if someone else is presenting on behalf of the author. Please clarify the pronunciations of speaker names. Also ask during the session if a missing author has meanwhile appeared. Information for presentations has been emailed to all speakers. Please read through this information here: Helpful information for speakers.

In the case of a ‘no-show’, please continue with the next presentation. You may delay it somewhat by using extra time for discussion.

Please start the session on time and provide a brief introduction to the audience.

Introduce the presentations (depending on how the Co-chairs have shared their duties) by:

  1. Title of the presentation
  2. Name and affiliation of the speaker (to save time, it is not necessary to provide a biography of each speaker; one or two sentences might be added, on request of the author).

Keep to the session timing. All speakers have been allocated 12 minutes to present and the remaining time is for questions and discussion. Most of the technical sessions will have 6 presentations. There are sessions where there may be fewer presentations (4) – in this instance, you will keep the same individual time for presentation and questions (12+3), but you will indicate that more discussion can be done after all presentations or the session will finish earlier than scheduled; and there are sessions where there are more presentations (7). Most of the sessions with 7 presentations do fall before a lunch break or at the end of the day, so it is acceptable if the session runs overtime, but it is essential that the individual time is strictly enforced. Please encourage the audience to remain until the session has ended.

Moderate a brief questions and answers slot directly after each presentation (max 3 minutes). Do this only if time permits. If necessary, cut the discussion short, asking the audience to locate the presenter/s for questions after the session.

Judge the quality of the presentations, using the supplied forms. Identify the best presentation and the best student presentation (when applicable) of the session based on a few quality criteria. Do this in consensus with your Co-chair. Return the form(s) to the Room Supervisor.

Close the session in time according to the programme (unless your session has 7 presentations). The Room Supervisor may ask you to make a few short announcements. In this case, you will be informed and the announcements will be included on the Top Table.

If you are unsure of anything please check with the Room Supervisor in the room.