Helpful information for Speakers

Thank you again for your contribution to the ISRSE-37 Symposium programme.

Read through the below information carefully and if you are unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to contact the ISRSE-37 Programme Secretariat on

Please review the programme to find the time and location of your session. In order to ensure smooth session operation, speakers are requested to come to the session room at least 20 minutes before the sessions starts. If you are uncertain as to where the venue of your session is, you can visit the Registration Desk and the Symposium staff will point you in the right direction.

View online programme here

Each session will have two Co-chairs who are responsible for managing the session. The Co-chairs will either be sitting in the front row or at the top table and will introduce the session and the speakers. They will invite speakers to the lectern when it is their turn to speak. The chairs will also manage questions and discussion.

The abstracts will be published in the Abstract book which will become available on the Symposium website as a downloadable PDF document. The Abstract book contains the abstracts from the ISRSE-37 Call for Abstracts as well as abstracts from some of the Invited Speakers on the topics they will address in the Plenary sessions.

Speakers are asked to identify themselves as a speaker to the session Co-chairs, who should already be in the room prior to the session, once you have successfully uploaded your presentation at the AV desk in the room. Please confirm the correct pronunciation of your name and title of presentation with one of the session co-chairs. If you are registered as a student, and therefore eligible for the “Best Student Presentation” award, please inform the co-chairs that you are a student.

Please prepare and practise your presentation beforehand to ensure that the timing is correct. To ensure the smooth running of the programme, please take note of the instructions below.

Please deliver your presentation to the AV desk at the back of the room in which your presentation will be taking place, upon arrival at the Symposium. You may make changes at the AV desk and discuss any special requirements such as audio or video with the technicians.

• Speakers are asked to bring their final presentation with you on a memory stick and take it to the AV desk in the venue of your session. Kindly ensure you allow enough time prior to the start of the session you are participating in. We suggest delivering your presentation upon arrival at the Symposium. If the session is the first session of the day, please upload your presentation the day before.
• No personal laptops can be used for presentations. All presentations must be delivered to the AV desk prior to the start of the session.
• All presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint or PDF (no other formats will be accepted), preferably in 4:3 format.
• All presentations should be in standard definition (SD) resolution.
• If you are using media files (e.g. videos or photographs), please use the lowest sufficient resolution, embed media files within the presentation, and bring source media files with you.
• Apple/Mac users are requested to bring all components of their presentation (e.g. media files, video files, sound files, photographs, etc.) separately. You are also requested to wait and check the converted presentation before leaving the AV desk. Please allow enough time to check that this conversion has been successful.
Important: please note that the Notes function on PowerPoint cannot be used with the comfort monitor set-up. There will not be a laptop on the lectern. We advise you to print your notes.
Printing: no printer will be available in the session rooms. If you need to print your notes, we would suggest visiting the Business Centre at the Symposium venue. or you can make this request with your hotel.

Speakers must deliver their presentations to the AV desk at the back of the room in which their session is taking place. An AV technician will be there to assist you with uploading and checking the format of your presentation. If you have any media files in your presentation, please ensure that these are as they should be. Please allow enough time to upload your presentation. If the session is the first session of the day, please upload your presentation the day before.

Each session room will be staffed by a Room Assistant and an AV technician. The AV technician will manage the presentations and audio, and the Room Assistant will manage room transitions and pass the microphone for discussion. If you experience any problems, please talk to the session Co-chairs or the Room Assistant.

There will be an AV technician in your session room who will put each presentation up on the screen. Speakers will see their presentation on the comfort monitor on the floor in front of them, and will have a remote control (with laser pointer) to advance their own slides. There will be a fixed microphone on the lectern; Cordless microphones will be passed around by the Room Assistants during discussion.

Please sit in the front row in the session room. This will be reserved for Speakers. The session Co-chair(s) will be seated at a Top Table (or in the front row) and will invite you to the lectern when it is your turn to speak.

Strict timekeeping is exceedingly important. Speakers are asked to stay within the time given for their presentation (12 minutes). The co-chairs are instructed to remind speakers on this timing and aim to allow for a few questions after each presentation or at the end of the session. The co-chairs will be very strict with timekeeping, and explain the system that they will use to alert Speakers if they are running out of time. The turnaround time in venues is tight, so it is also very important that sessions start and end on time.

Each speaker has been allocated 12 minutes.

The Chairs will run the questions and discussion. This could happen after each presentation or after all the presentations just before the end of the session. Speakers may take questions from the lectern. The Room Assistants will circulate the microphone amongst the audience.