Submitting a full paper

The ISRSE-37 Organising Committee will undertake to archive the submitted full papers in the Archives of The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), similar to that of ISRSE-36 which took place in Berlin (click here to view).

Participants who have submitted their abstract for ISRSE-37 and had it accepted by the ISRSE-37 Technical Programme Committee are not obligated to submit a full paper, but can do so on a voluntary basis.

Papers can be referenced and searched in the ISPRS Archives. The full paper submissions have to adhere to the ISPRS guidelines, format and templates. For more information on these guideline: click here: ISPRS Archives – guidelines.

Please note that the full paper will not be peer-reviewed and the quality of the paper is the responsibility of the author. ISPRS may omit any paper that does not conform to the specified requirements. There will be no opportunity for corrections or improvements of submissions.

It should be noted that only papers presented at ISRSE-37, by any one of the co-authors, will be accepted for inclusion in the ISPRS Archives.

The deadline to receive full paper submissions is Friday, 5 May 2017.

Submit your full paper in either a: Word, PDF, or LaTeX document to