Minecraft adventure servers

A Minecraft adventure server is a server that offers a mixture of RPG elements, deep progression, and inspiring roleplay/fantasy attributes.

Like many popular games, Minecraft adventure servers don’t have to be restricted to one theme or concept. Adventure servers are unique by their nature and can be compared to each other.

This list will explore a few great adventure-based Minecraft servers, perfect for those looking for a fun and fresh blocky adventure to embark on.

#1 – Purple Prison

It’s hard to find a more thrilling adventure than climbing through the ranks of a prison planet in search of freedom.

Although it may sound crazy, Purple Prison allows players to do exactly this. There are many ways to make money on the server and progress to freedom.

It doesn’t matter if you are mining, gambling, playing PvP or setting up a rigged online casino to make money, it is the only way out of this lost planet.


#2 – Labyrinth of Sordrin

The Labyrinth of Sordrin serves as an adventure map server for curious and inquisitive Minecrafters.

Players must navigate through a 3000×3000 block custom-built maze. There are many hidden rooms, landmarks and puzzles throughout the maze that players can find.

However, it is not an easy task to beat the server and map. You must be able to accept a job that requires patience, problem-solving, and orienteering.

IP: mc.sordrin.com

#3 – MassiveCraft Adventure

MassiveCraft is primarily known for its great Minecraft factions server. They also have a less-known, but equally brilliant, dedicated adventure quest server.

This server allows players to explore an extensive array of custom-built islands. They can complete epic quests to add to their storyline, but they also have the freedom to create their own experiences thanks the wide range of freedom offered by the server.

You can explore monuments, pick locks, pick up keys, or even make music during your adventures.

IP: massivecraft.com

#4 – Monumenta

The mission statement for Monumenta Minecraft server provides an adventure for players that is quite unique in comparison to any other Minecraft multiplayer scene.

This server allows players to begin their epic adventures of clearing dungeons and fighting custom bosses.

Monumenta has plenty to offer. There are 18 custom-built dungeons on the server, as well as 90 story quests. The server also has seven different player classes that players can experiment with.

IP: server.playmonumenta.com

#5 – Imagineering Disneyland

Imagineering is a great example of an amazing idea that has been executed flawlessly. This server is a functional replica of Disneyland’s real-life Disneyland theme parks. It can be inserted directly into Minecraft for players to explore and enjoy.

You can ride any attraction in a real Disneyland resort, take part in fairground games and even buy in-game Disney merchandise to model your character.

IP: mc.imagineeringfun.net

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