Minecraft lightshrroms guide

Shroomlights were introduced in Minecraft’s 1.16 upgrade. They can be found in Minecraft’s Nether. They have a light level of 15 Shroomlights can be used to illuminate even the most complex builds.

Shroomlights, unlike other light-emitting blocks allow redstone signals through them. Shroomlights are a very useful block in Minecraft because players can use them to light their buildings, even if there is redstone.

However, it can be hard to find shroomlights. There are many ways that Minecraft players can get shroomlights. This is a quick guide to how to get shroomlights easily in Minecraft.

How to easily get shroomlights in Minecraft


For Minecraft players, the easiest way to find shroomlights is to look for them in their natural habitat. When searching for shroomlights, it is important to remember these things:

It’s easy to harvest shroomlights once a player has located them. You can break shroomlights with any tool. You can break the shroomlight using any tool, even your fists. Although shroomlights are always available as an item, players have the ability to break down blocks faster by using a shovel.

Growing via Huge Fungi

By growing large fungi, Minecraft players can locate shroomlights reliably. You can do this by placing a crimson or warped fungus on your respective nylium blocks. You will need to place warped fungus on your warped nylium, and crimson mushrooms on your crimson-nylium.

After the fungus is placed, the player will only need to use bone meal on the plants. There is a 40% chance that each piece of bone meal will grow into a large fungus. This may mean that it might take several attempts.

Once the huge fungus is grown, players will be able to check to see if shroomlights are generated. These shroomlights can be harvested in a matter of minutes. Players will need to grow more shroomlights if they have not been created.

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