Chunk loaders and how to use them

January 13, 2023

Chunk loaders and how to use them

Minecraft has a vast number of worlds. Each world is divided into 16-block wide chunks, each measuring 256 blocks in height and 16 blocks in length. A chunk contains 65,536 total blocks when it is fully filled.

Only a handful of chunks can be loaded in Minecraft's immediate vicinity. This includes the chunk they are currently standing on. By increasing the render distance, players can have Minecraft load more chunks.

What is a chunk loader?

A chunk loader, a redstone device that keeps a chunk loaded, is intended to be used even when the player isn't near it.

After a while, automatic farms cease to yield items after a player has moved away from them. Players can stop automatic farms from producing items by using a chunk loader. This is even though they may be thousands of blocks away.

Many streamers use chunk loadsers to increase efficiency, as they don't cause any noticeable lag on multiplayer server.

How to make and use a lump loader

Chunk loaders can be made very easily. They continue to throw an item through the Nether portal, then back to Overworld. The item is constantly moving back and forth, keeping the chunk full.

After the player has selected the chunk to build a loader, they should follow the steps below.

Step 1. Create a Nether portal two blocks above ground. As shown, connect hoppers to temporary solid blocks. Place two rails on the hopper and place the minecarts.

Step 2: Place three droppers facing down and one facing towards the portal. As shown, they must be stacked on top of one another.

Step 3: Place the redstone torch, redstone lamp and comparator as shown in the above image. The redstone lamp will be facing the second observer.

Step 4: Go through the portal to create the identical contraption in The Nether. All openings must be covered on both sides.

Simply place any item into the lowest dropper to use the chunk loader. The chunk loader works perfectly if the redstone lamp turns on and off.