Minecraft – connection timed out

November 30, 2022

Minecraft – connection timed out

Minecraft multiplayer can be great fun and with thousands of unique Minecraft servers to choose from, players are always in for something new and refreshing.

Minecraft, like any other online application, can experience connection problems. Although many of these issues can be resolved quickly, others can prevent players from playing online at all.

Over the years, a common issue that Minecrafters report is the “connection-timed out” error. This issue can vary depending on the Minecraft server and version.

This article will help players understand the meaning of “connection timed-out” and what can be done to correct it.

What does the Minecraft connection timed out error mean?

Internet connection problems are often responsible for the Minecraft connection timed-out error. This is usually followed by the phrase “no additional information”.

These connection problems could be due to misconfigurations in the Minecraft server the player is trying join, or they might be due to an underlying problem on the client's side.

How do I fix Minecraft's connection timed out error?

The first step in fixing the issue is to identify the source of the problem. It is easiest to test if the player can connect to any Minecraft server.

You can join the following server, which supports all versions Minecraft Java Edition and is available 24/7:

IP Address: test.prisonfun.com

Players who are able to connect successfully can assume that there is no problem joining their servers. Any problems experienced by Minecraft servers are not due to players.

If players fail the test but still make an error, they can fix it by following these common causes:

Use a VPN

VPN stands for virtual private networks and allows gamers to bypass any network restrictions on their internet connection.

Make sure cracked Minecraft isn't being used

While cracked Minecraft accounts can join certain types of servers, only the most well-known and popular ones like Hypixel will prevent cracked Minecraft players (e.g. those who use services like TLauncher) from joining their server.

You can buy a genuine Minecraft copy from an official vendor, or follow the link below.

Allow Minecraft to Work Through Firewall + Antivirus

Sometimes, a firewall or antivirus program installed on a computer may prevent Minecraft from connecting to the internet. It is possible to temporarily disable anti-virus protection, and allow Minecraft to communicate with the internet through the windows firewall.