Minecraft updates through the years

November 3, 2022

Minecraft updates through the years

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is a prominent version of the game, alongside the original Java Edition. It is continually being improved and tweaked.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition runs on its own codebase, unlike Java Edition. This makes it extremely accessible as an app. You're probably already using the Bedrock Edition features if you are playing the Windows 10 Edition or on a mobile device.

This Minecraft edition also integrates with Xbox Live, thanks to Microsoft's acquisition of the game. It offers incredibly easy ways to connect up and play multiplayer with your friends.

Bedrock Edition: Major updates to Minecraft

5) Village and Pilgrimage (April 2019).

After multiple updates, Village and Pillage were simultaneously released on Minecraft's Java Edition and Bedrock Editions. Version 1.11.0 of the patch is the final piece of the groundwork laid by previous patches.

Players could now encounter the remaining features from the Village and Pillage patches. These include illager captains and patrols, raids on villages, and the Bad Omen/Hero of the Village status effects.

New sounds were also added to villager trading. Many mobs were modified or reworked and villages have never been the same since Village & Pillage launched in Minecraft.

4) Buzzy Bees (December 2019)

Buzzy Bees Version 1.14.0 was a popular update that included familiar features like bee mobs and their nests/hives and honey in both block and item form. The version was significant because it marked the beginning of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on PlayStation 4.

This made Minecraft's PlayStation 4 Edition obsolete, as well as all legacy console editions. Bedrock is now the standard console standard. This update also included changes to the mob experience and the removal of the ability to swim in water less than one block deep.

3) The Nether Update (June 2020).

The Nether is a dangerous dimension in Minecraft. This fact was evident from version 1.16.0, The Nether Update. The update introduced new biomes in the Nether, as well as ancient debris blocks and netherite equipment.

To make it easier to return to the Nether, players could create soul items, such as shroomlights, lanterns, campfires, and shroomlights.

Also, the mobs that inhabited The Nether were reworked. New ones were introduced. This increased the variety of places and people found in the dangerous dimension.

2) Caves & Cliffs Part 1 (June 2021)

Version 1.17.0 of Minecraft was the first half of the huge Caves & Cliffs update. This update included amethyst geodes and copper ore. It also added deepslate, goatslate, axolotl, glow squid mobs, and deepslate.

Many metal ores now drop “raw” ore rather than the ore block. This means that iron ore blocks are dropping raw iron, instead of just dropping as raw iron blocks. To make way for the huge second iteration, other implementations include glow berries and powder snow buckets.

1) Caves & Cliffs Part II (November 2021)

Version 1.18.0 completed the Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs update. It introduced long-overdue terrain generation changes, as well as new biomes & music. Due to an increase in the build height, players could now find massive ore veins, lush and dripstone cave biomes and new slope biomes that lead up to huge mountains.

New music was also available to players by Lena Raine. Old worlds were updated with new terrain mechanics in version 1.18.0. This made Caves & Cliffs the most ambitious update in the game's history.